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Bedroom Lighting: A Project With Dark And Gold Accents

Incredible bedroom lighting inspiration by Livelli Architects!

An elegant bedroom with gold tones and stunning lighting.

Bedroom design by Livelli Architects, an interior and architecture design studio that offers the best service in interior design, architecture and landscape. The firm never stops improving and are continuing to expand their offerings based on how it can best do for the client.

Livelli Design Studio offers a stunning design service no matter the project size or category. A variety range of residential and commercial projects are based in Egypt, Dubai, Oman & Suadi Arabia. What about Covet Lighting giving some lighting alternatives that can recreate this awesome, sophisticated and luxurious bedroom?

The first lighting piece that catches our attention is our Burj Chandelier. Burj Chandelier is inspired by one of the most stunning hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab. Like the hotel, the Burj Chandelier is a symbol of the modern age and luxury combined. It’s also a strong, decorative structure, fully made of gold plated brass, with delicately handmade glass tubes.

Every bedroom needs a beautiful floor lamp, so we suggest the stunning Tycho Floor Lamp.Tycho Floor Lamp maintains the same elegant and timeless vibe, this floor lamp is the perfect complement for any project. The ribbed crystals create unique light refraction that will set the tone for a charming and exquisite ambiance.

When it comes to the table lamp, we think the Pharo Table Lamp I would look amazing in this bedroom! Pharo I Table Lamp is the perfect finishing touch for any desk or bedside table. A representation of the architectural lines of lighthouses in the shape of a table lamp. A marble base supports the delicate crystals topped with a brass plate.

Last but not least, to match the gold tones, the Burj Wall Lamp would be the perfect lighting for this bedroom! Burj Wall Lamp is a lighting fixture fully made of gold plated brass that transmits elegance and sophistication. With delicate handmade crystal glass tubes, this piece brings a magical sensation to every space.

Incredible bedroom inspiration by Livelli Architects! What do you think? 





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