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Dining Room With A Curared Lighting Selection

The best lighting combination for your chic dining room

The story behind every luxurious dining room always ends up in the choice of the right lighting pieces!

Dining room design with a curated lighting selection from Covet Lighting. Instead of everything being perfectly matched and within the same style, a curated look appears more authentic in the sense that everything looks less intentional as if it has been collected over the years, from different places and ages, embodying your taste, preferences, and personal style. Isn’t it fun? There is no exact science to achieve the most curated dining room look.

A striking visual composition that finds its balance through the harshness of the textures and the subtlety of the caffe latte tones, where every detail makes the design. Here’s an ode to a dark-hued, modern dining room.

From the suspension to the floor lighting, this interior design is a good lesson on how to create a purposeful interior. Feels like home, indeed. Take a look and see how even a curated dining room can make you feel at home with the right lighting.

Starting with the chandelier category, the Supernova Chandelier by Boca do Lobo is the centerpiece of this dining room. Supernova Chandelier was born from the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star. The instant of a bright starburst that was suspended into a fascinating lighting design. Supernovas can briefly outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime. The suspended brass particles of Supernova Chandelier will offer you a timeless, brightest, and magnificent setting.

In this ambiance, you can also look at our Waterfall Floor Lamp. A new glamorous expression of the Waterfall Floor Lamp is given to accomplish a wider and complete range that will light your space. Immerse into our Waterfall lighting, a series of ripped fine tubes of handmade crystal glass flowing over the tubular shapes in gold plated brass. An impressive presence in every ambiance made by a master craftsman.

Since this dining room has neutral tones too, if you prefer a more Caffe Latte Home look, we suggest the Espresso Floor Lamp. The Espresso Floor Lamp, with an extremely minimal structure and a matching shade, is the perfect addition to your living room, entryway, or reading corner. The shade, made of silk, creates a bold design that is sized to balance its architectural form. As you can see, Espresso is an homage to the simple pleasures of life.

To complete this dining room project, matching the gold tones, we suggest the Niku Wall Lamp by Brabbu. Part of the Kiribati islands group, Nikumaroro is known for its incredible coral atoll. It’s the beauty of its corals that make Niku Wall Lamp a rarity in contemporary lighting. Featuring a structure in gold plated brass and shaders in gold plated brass and glass, this double sconce will fill any home decor with exoticism.

This combination of lighting pieces makes this the perfect dining room!



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