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Neutral Dining Room – The Power Of An Impartial Lighting

Neutrality That Creates a Very Powerful Dining Room

We all agree that we don’t need a lot of color, materials or textures to have a perfectly decorated dining room. With some neutral and warm tones statement lighting we can achieve the most luxurious and beautiful space!

Neutral dining room can be as lovely as this one. Decorated with the right mid-century modern furniture pieces and lighting fixtures, like this gorgeous Botti Table Lamp from Delightfull, any dining room will be spectacular. To create a neutral dining room, Covet Lighting suggests the most beautiful lighting pieces that can fit into any style. Let’s begin!

First of all, our main star in this dining room, Galliano Snooker Suspension Lamp, has a shape inspired by a pipe of organs, and it will be the perfect acquisition for your cocktail evenings! It has a geometric design of combined pipe tubes, and when you think you saw it all, turn the lights on! Handmade in steel, the features include a nickel-plated finish applied by some of the best artisans in Portugal. Ideal to use as a minimalistic modern dining or living room lighting fixture or you can even place it in the lobby of a hotel. This playful version of Galliano won’t go unnoticed.

The second main star of our neutral dining room is the Botti Table Lamp. The embodiment of the most famous wind instrument of them all, Botti Table Lamp was inspired by a classic trumpet. Its unique shades are handmade in brass with a gold-plated finish to resemble a real trumpet. The Botti Table Lamp base can be produced in Nero Marquina or white marble, as well as black nickel or any other finish of your choosing. It is a tall table lamp, very hard to miss, with almost 55 pounds, making it the ideal choice for a classic living room design. This vintage brass table lamp will definitely make a statement in your luxurious home.

The Espresso Floor Lamp, with an extremely minimal structure and a matching shade, is the perfect addition to this neutral dining room. The shade, made of silk, creates a bold design that is sized to balance its architectural form. As you can see, Espresso is an homage to the simple pleasures of life.

Last but not least, the Metamorphosis Wall Lamp would look great in this neutral dining room. Similar to the dramatic transformation and the sudden change in the animal’s body structure, the Metamorphosis Wall Lamp experiences new unexpected design techniques, noble finishes through a meticulous artistic process. The two main finishes marble and brass blend in a pleasant and graceful conversation between the roughness of brass and the elegance of marble. Metamorphosis Sconces, like a luxury jewel, are the most sophisticated lighting accessories for your home.

This project confirms that a very harmonious and neutral dining room can be as powerful as any other room with more vivacious pieces. So get inspired with Covet Lighting and create a space for you just like this one!



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