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Bathroom Design With Luxury Lighting

A bathroom project with amazing lighting pieces

Bathroom with luxurious lighting for a modern classic house

This bathroom is one of the rooms in a marvelous home project in Toronto and, in partnership with Valery Zhavruk, we travel to a unique house, where modern and classic styles intersect. According to the design creator, this is a complicated and contradictory aesthetic, whose interiors combine dark, deep colors with traditional elements like fretwork and plaster, not forgetting specific golden elements and details. Spectacular but, at the same time, cautious, this singular home is also bathed in dark, soothing colors and light beige tones, to emphasize the contrast of the style and highlight the magnificence and quality of the furniture. 

Various items, create almost an eclectic vibe with a fresh reinterpretation of some of the most classical elements from the walls and even the pieces themselves. The use of marbles was what differentiated this bathroom from the other rooms, this time a monochromatic white and greyish hues, leaving room for the pieces to shine for themselves. Today we bring amazing Covet Lighting suggestions to complete this luxurious bathroom design

The Covet Lighting piece we can first see is the Empire Suspension Lamp. The Empire Suspension Lamp gets its inspiration from the Empire family’s first creation, the Empire chandelier. This exclusive fixture is made with one elegant layer of brass and crystal glass that will fit perfectly in any space, like this stunning bathroom design.

Another gold lighting piece that would look amazing in this bathroom is the Brubeck Chandelier by Delightfull. Brubeck Chandelier is inspired by one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz: Dave Brubeck. This unique lighting design represents the sophistication and finesse of the American jazz pianist, displaying a very luxurious feeling. Delightfull’s skilled artisans handmade this round chandelier in brass, covering it with a gold-plated finish, which can be customized in multiple other finishes. The result of this outstanding creation is a functional dining room chandelier with sculptural shapes. The result of this outstanding creation is a functional chandelier with sculptural shapes.

To the wall of this bathroom project, we suggest the Trump Wall Lamp. The Trump Wall Lamp is a beautiful sight inspired by the subtle forms of the Trump lineage. Composed of high-quality materials only, the delicate forms of this wall lighting will bring a smooth ambiance to every room, like this bathroom design.

To complete this amazing bathroom project we choose the Empire II Wall Lamp! The elegant and extravagant lines of our Empire family deserve another homage in this Empire II Wall Lamp. This noble and sublime design is suitable for the most exquisite projects. The opulent layers of brass and crystal glass are a promise to inspire even more glamour.


All these pieces together make this bathroom the perfect one!



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