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Bedroom Design: An Elegant And Modern Project By Studia 54

Incredible bedroom inspiration by Studia 54!

An elegant bedroom with neutral tones and gold accents.

Bedroom design by Studia 54, a team of experts from a wide variety of areas that make dreams of a luxurious and comfortable life come true. The art of living in the style of Studia 54 can be described as the manifesto of individuality, ongoing creative search and modern view on heritage. From the beginning of the design project to the furniture production, the studio designs a luxurious lifestyle, offering a unique method of working with the customer and high-quality service.

The unique concept of the group is based on three key elements, including inner growth, the principle of “interior as art” and a diverse creative approach. Studia 54 follows global trends, draws inspiration from the world of fashion and design, and expands the geography of their projects. The studio’s success defines their vision of modern luxury from a global perspective, the quality of services and the responsible creative approach of their team. It allows them to achieve new goals with every new project and become a part of the design of the future. With countless wonderful designs, this stunning bedroom design is a true inspiration for us. Shall we create a bedroom inspired by this design? So let’s bring a Covet Lighting’s touch for this amazing bedroom project!

The first lighting piece that comes to our mind is our stunning Pharo Suspension Lamp! Pharos was a great lighthouse built hundreds of years ago. It stood on an island outside ancient Alexandria. Inspired by the robust yet simple architecture of lighthouses, Pharo Suspension Lamp is a gold-plated brass and crystal fixture made to illuminate the most impressive interiors such as this bedroom design.

Every bedroom needs a beautiful table lamp, so we suggest the Lapiaz Table Lamp by Boca do Lobo. Lapiaz Table Lamp takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a new realm. Finding beauty in the most unexpected places, this contemporary design piece is inspired by authentic karst formations created by surface dissolution, freezing of dolomite rocks. This table lamp features a cylindrical stainless steel base with an organic feature achieved through the manual fitting of golden brass. A highly desirable classical lighting piece perfect for modern rooms and luxury bedrooms.

When it comes to the floor lamps, we think the Liberty Floor Lamp would look perfect! Inspired by the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Floor Lamp will enlighten any space with its delicate and rich lines. A combination of brass and crystal with a marble base, the Liberty Floor Lamp brings harmony and elegance to this bedroom design.

Last but not least, nature in its rawest form flows through Cay Wall Lamp by Brabbu, as lava flows during a volcano eruption. With a structure in matte casted brass, this brass sconce was designed to embody Nature’s ultimate scream. Place it in this bedroom design and it will fill it with a dazzling golden light.

Incredible bedroom inspiration by Studia 54! What do you think? 





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