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by Sarah Habib

The Exuberant Art House is more than design. Its Art.


THE EXUBERANT ART HOUSE was created to provide two senses: Astonishment and GlamourModern Classic style elevated to art, by combining completely out-of-the-box decoration, with high-end craftsmanship and modern lighting, furniture, and accessories pieces. 

The boiserie on the walls and ceiling was meant to turn this otherwise simple architecture into a detailed and regal look. The sculptures create the exclusiveness and artsy look that when combined with the walls, ceiling, and even the dark wood of the flooring, captures a feeling of royalty, evoking almost an 18th-century vibe. What elevates this room to a true art form of interior design is the play on contemporary lighting, materials, fabrics, and finishes. 

This Dining Room is composed of some of Covet Lighting’s most exquisite brands, which not only contributed to an opulent aura for the room but also turned it into a pure Art Gallery

Complementing with the gold nuances sprinkled all over the house and in the dining room, the lighting accessories completely stand out from the deep green walls and ceiling. Both the Waterfall II Big Wall Lamp from Luxxu and also the Niku Pendant Light from Brabbu were the stand-out pieces, bringing to light a superb atmosphere

Finally, a piece that you may not notice immediately because its natural shapes is Gala Suspension Lamp . Designed from the soft blend of emotional yet beautiful lines the Gala Suspension Lamp is the perfect outcome of brass and crystal glass. A superb piece for timeless creations.

Follow this incredible designer and her impeccable work, through Instagram and Behance. A lot more coming, and more partnerships with Covet Lighting are coming.  

What do you think about this play on art?





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