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A Stunning Dining Room Design by Moniomi

A stunning dining room design component of colors and geometric shapes in a harmonious way.

MONIOMI design has been revamping and transforming the ways we live through beautiful designs. That is why its purpose is to live with beauty. The way that something is builtused and sensed when coming together is extremely important for this firm to create cohesive designs. It is to sink into beauty but at the same time seek it out and carry it in doing so. This dining room project is the perfect example.

Whether they are designing a space, creating a piece of art, putting together an outfit or planning an event, it has always been a passion to enthuse among the most creative environments, absorbing it all, and then passing that on to those around you.

MONIOMI‘s mission is to transform spaces, from modern to contemporary, by carefully selecting each component, creating designs that not only elevate each room, but also work in harmony. In this interior project entitled The ModernMONIOMI transformed this space dining room into a beautiful component of colors and geometric shapes in a harmonious way.

With countless wonderful designs, this stunning dining room design is a true inspiration for us. Shall we create a living room inspired by this design? Let’s go!

To complement this dining room project, Hera Suspension Lampby Boca do Lobowas inspired by Mother of Nature and the embodiment of Honour and Maternity. Hera represents the blossom of a golden new era full of life and inspiring beauty. The lighting fixture is molded to resemble the features and look of a golden branch. Handmade from cast brass, this chandelier has an organic shape and intricate contemporary details to create an adjustable arrangement in a harmonious ensemble. Suitable for a sophisticated dining room.

Also, if we take a good look at this dining room project, Shard Suspension Lamp, by Luxxu, might be the lighting piece you needed. Shard Suspension Lamp is an iconic, unique lighting fixture with a strong presence and character. Suitable for dining areas, this piece will grab all the attention in the room.

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