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Designed by The Studio HOME’SOCIETY x BRABBU, the Eternel Parisian Apartment


The Eternel Parisian Apartment is located at Av. George V in Paris has a total area of 412.4m2/4439.03f and promises to tell a story in each corner, presenting a contemporary and classic design at the same time. Once people step inside this place, there is an all journey composed of six common areas and two master suite bathrooms ready to explore, fulfilling everyone’s senses and making them feel this is the place where they belong.

With a classic architecture structure, the Eternel Parisian Apartment reproduces nature and world cultures through the materials, colors, and shapes observed in the selection of furniture and decoration. Earth, Olive, and Forest were the 21/22 trends chosen to create this beautiful project, reflecting the personality of the young lady with a vibrant way of living who owns the place. As a result, the strategy was to let these trends drive the design, choosing and combining materials that speak to each other, which contributed to a warm, tactile and visual feeling all around the house.

Just like a jingle, the Eternel Parisian Apartment welcoming area is so simple but will be on top of everyone’s mind as the motto for the journey ahead. The simplicity can be noticed in the warm and nature-based colour palette, making people feel more welcome when walking into the house.

The Eternel Parisian Apartment has its entryway with unique lighting.  A brass lamp that recalls the Giant Crystal Caves in Mexico, Naicca Suspension Lamp represents the legend of crystal origins – created to represent the dancing soul motion. The brass structure and the quartz crystal of Naicca Suspension Lamp merge together in this contemporary lighting to brighten your spirit with a dancing touch.

In this amazing entryway, you can also see Brabbu’s Aurum XL Wall Lamp. With a unique design, Aurum XL Wall Lamp brings comfort with its warm yet sensitive light. This wall light is part of the Aurum Lighting Collection that includes also other wall light and suspension lights in different shapes and sizes.

Right now, the Studio HOME’SOCIETY x BRABBU is working close to the owner to create the private rooms, with the purpose to turn her dreams into reality. Although the apartment is still under development, it is the living proof of how contemporary and classic work outstandingly well together, empowering every single division of this Parisian retreat.

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