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Kitchen Design That Will Make You Fall In Love With Draycott Pendant Lamp

Kitchen Designs with a Bright accent of Golden Brass Details

Kitchen Designs that are here to make your dreamy luxury open space real!


Covet House has a new trick up its sleeve – a 550 aq Modern Classic Villa in St. Petersburg, Russia. With 9 different rooms, the secluded villa is the first of a series of luxury houses created by the luxury brand with the purpose of inspiring professionals and design lovers to new rights in this era. The 8.5 million mansion in the Russian city presents elegant bespoke interiors with a modern classic touch, and a perfect balance between statement handcrafted pieces and more neutral, functional elements. The result is an incredibly comfortable home fir for the modern luxury lifestyle! Want to know more? Keep reading because we will tell you all about it.

A convenient ergonomic kitchen, fully equipped with the latest tech and with a counter, is stylish and color
neutral. It is deliberately not supposed to stand out in an open plan living room/dining room. The bright accent
of the kitchen is the golden brass details in the lighting accessories, chairs and cabinet. A kitchen interior effortlessly blends ergonomic motives with luxury.

Of course, we need lighting details, and Draycott Pendant Lamp is the perfect one for this project. Its structure has 3 tubes like the original inspiration made in brass and crystal glass. Transmitting elegance and purity to every space, the reception or lobby areas can be a perfect place for this gorgeous masterpiece.

The final details for this kitchen we choose Draycott Wall Lamp, a piece from the Draycott collection. This piece was created to decorate the walls of your projects, with the best materials. It’s ideal to glow a piece of art like paintings or sculptures. Made with a simple tube of crystal glass and brass, showing up exuberant and simple at the same time. Perfect for a high-end luxury kitchen.

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