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A truly magnificent master bedroom designed by Karim Abdul Muttalib

Opulent modern classic mansion design by K. A. Interior Design in partnership with Covet House featuring Waterfall Suspension and Carter Table.


Opulent modern classic mansion in Egypt, designed by Karim Abdul Muttalib, from K.A.Interior Design featuring some of our pieces. A truly magnificent master bedroom designed by Karim Abdul Muttalib, from K. A. Interior Design in partnership with Covet House. This opulent modern classic bedroom is part of a project located in Cairo Festival City, Egypt, a city already filled with abundance and history, but also a new and fresh interpretation on it. This bedroom combines all that. Using very sober colors throughout fabrics and textures of the bedroom, leaving the jawdropping moments for the lighting, details, and the other accessories. A mix of opulent modern classic touches like the boiserie in walls and the decorative pieces, but a very contemporary feel from the golden details scattered all over the room and the overall architecture of the bedroom.

Carter Table Lamp is the lighting fixture any hotel lobby is going to need. A mid-century lighting design, this iconic take on a design has taken the form of this glamorous table lamp. With a soft casting light, this modern lighting fixture has all the glamour of the mid-century design iconic lines. The simple and well-cut lines of this modern table lamp will fit into any luxurious decor. Handmade in brass and acrylic, this vintage modern table lamp will be the light of the room.

Waterfall Rectangular Suspension is a masterpiece made with gold plated brass combined with ribbed fine tubes of crystal glass brings a natural feeling of waterfalls to any space. Everything sparkles under this elegant work of art. The glamorous sensation of water in the tubes is handmade by a glass master craftsman. The perfect piece for this opulent modern classic design.


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