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Living Room Project With A Stunning Lighting Combination

Lighting Selection For Your Neutral Living Room

Living room designed by Laura Hammett with carved details on the ceiling and stunning lighting.

We are delighted with this living room designed by Laura Hammett! The carved details on the ceiling and the stunning lighting are definitely the focal points of this excellent work! Laura Hammett is a London-based interior architecture and design studio specializing in luxury residential projects for private individuals and property developers throughout the UK and abroad.

Laura Hammett offers a comprehensive design service that is always individually tailored to meet each client’s needs, style and budget. The firm fully manages each project from concept through to completion no matter what size, with meticulous attention to detail, working with a team of highly skilled craftsmen and using its extensive expertise and experience from lighting and bathroom design through to textiles, specialist finishes and styling. Today we brought a stunning living room project and Covet Lighting solutions, so you can recreate it!

Each neutral and modern living room has to have a lighting piece that tries to steal all the attention for itself and that piece is the Pharo Suspension Lamp. Pharos was a great lighthouse built hundreds of years ago. It stood on an island outside ancient Alexandria. Inspired by the robust yet simple architecture of lighthouses, Pharo Suspension Lamp is a gold-plated brass and crystal fixture made to illuminate the most impressive interiors.

While we have a piece that tries to be always in the spotlight we also have a lighting piece that it hides from it but is one of the most important keys to any interior design project. Nancy Wall Lamp is the lighting piece that will add that extra glow to your mid-century modern house. The lam is handmade in brass and aluminum and it has golden arcs, a typical art déco detail. You can turn on light with the mid-century pull chain, and get ready to enlighten your world and set the perfect mysterious, yet elegant ambiance. Nancy wall lamp is the right choice for your living room.

Bombón Table Lamp by Caffe Latte Home will make this living room glow with very organic light and a sweetened character. This charming table lamp features a stylish wooden monolithic base that is then lacquered in a soft cream color. A classic lampshade makes this wonderful composition complete in either fabric or silk.

To complement the living room, why not add a floor lamp? Inspired by the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Floor Lamp will enlighten any space with its delicate and rich lines. A combination of brass and crystal with a marble base, the Liberty Floor Lamp brings harmony and elegance to any project.




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