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A Lustful Modern Classic House in Toronto

Where modern and classic styles intersect

A fresh reinterpretation of the most lustful modern classic house elements


Lustful modern classic house designed with another partnership. Covet House embarks on another adventure through the rich and luxurious world of interior design. This time, in partnership with Valery Zhavruk, we travel to a unique lustful modern classic house, where modern and classic styles intersect. According to the design creator, this is a complicated and contradictory aesthetic, whose interiors combine dark, deep colors with traditional elements like fretwork and plaster, not forgetting specific golden elements and details. Spectacular but, at the same time, cautious, this singular home is also bathed in dark, soothing colors and light beige tones, to emphasize the contrast of the style and highlight the magnificence and quality of the furniture.

Ten impactful and luscious rooms, where color plays an important role as the main connector and common detail across each room. Valery Zhavruk used a combination of Covet House pieces that provide a wide and clean aesthetic, complementing perfectly the architecture of the lustful modern classic house. Various items, create almost an eclectic vibe with a fresh reinterpretation of some of the most classical elements from the walls and even the pieces themselves. Located in the “Hollywood of the North”, the city of Toronto, this lustful modern classic house is a spectacular show by itself. Covet Lighting invites you in, warm yourself, winter is coming.

The central lighting piece of this lustful modern classic house is the Dorsey Suspension Lamp by Delightfull. Inspired by the acclaimed jazz trumpet player Tommy Dorsey, the mid-century modern Dorsey Suspension Lamp is a unique lighting fixture that embodies the musicality of the 1950s. Allying the best of ancient techniques with the modern expertise of high- craftsmanship, Dorsey is a handmade brass chandelier, with aluminum lamp shades. The telescopic tubes that make up the body boast a gold-plated finish, while the lampshades and center are lacquered a matte black. It is a unique chandelier, perfect for this lustful modern classic house, or an art deco-inspired restaurant. It can also be used in private residences, especially as a dining room lighting fixture.

Another amazing lighting piece that we suggest to this lustful modern classic house is the Mina Suspension Lamp. Mina Suspension Lamp is one of a kind statement lighting piece for your design project. It incorporates a double light system: a central one for lighting the table and a strip led under each arm of the lamp for a more scenographic effect.

For the walls of this lustful modern classic house, we suggest the Basie Wall Lamp. The Basie Wall Lamp is a modern representation of the sci-fi aesthetics of the 1960s. The vintage mid-century lamp has a set of distinctive features which make it a stunning statement piece. It is an indoor wall light handmade in brass, with a center shade made in aluminum and a mesmerizing gold-plated standard finish. The lampshade is lacquered in a glossy white for a more modern look. Being the sleek and sophisticated piece that it is, it works beautifully as a decorative wall light in any contemporary entryway or living room. 

To complete your lustful modern classic house, we suggest the Cypres Floor Lamp. Cypress is a tree of many symbols and ornamental capabilities. Our Cypres Floor Lamp was inspired by it, featuring a structure that combines gold-plated brass glossy and nickel-plated brass glossy finishes and shaders in gold plated brass and a base in estremoz marble. This contemporary floor lamp is sure to impress in a modern interior design decor.





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