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Home Office That Finds Substance In Curated Lighting

The Kind Of Lighting Design We Covet So Much

  Home office with stunning curated lighting pieces!

A home office is that sacred space in the house where ideas flow easily and work gets done. Here, design meets craftsmanship and a luxury atmosphere takes command. The lighting is one of the most important elements in a home office so, Covet Lighting gathered four lighting suggestions for yours.

The suspension lamp we can see in this home office is the luxurious Empire Suspension Lamp. The Empire Suspension Lamp gets its inspiration from the Empire family’s first creation, the Empire chandelier. This exclusive fixture is made with one elegant layer of brass and crystal glass that will fit perfectly in any space.

With a stunning desk like this, you will need a table lamp that matches its beauty. Carter Desk Table Lamp, inspired by the icon Ron Carter is another addition to the Carter lighting family. The mid-century desk lamp has a soft casting light that will illuminate your home office design or workspace. With a stilnovo style, this mid-century desk lamp will maximize your workspace and prioritize your ambiance. Perfect for a modern hotel lobby, this vintage modern desk lamp is handmade in brass, steel and aluminum with handmade detailing.

To complete the walls of this home office, we suggest the Empire II Wall Lamp. The elegant and extravagant lines of our Empire family deserve another homage in this Empire II Wall Lamp. This noble and sublime design is suitable for the most exquisite projects. The opulent layers of brass and crystal glass are a promise to inspire even more glamour.

Last but not least, we think the Abbey Floor Lamp by Delightfull would match perfectly with the table lamp. Just like the soft tones of the piano, the Abbey Floor Lamp is a soothing mid-century floor light that captures the essence of clean lines and luxurious finishes of the mid-century modern style. Slim, sleek, and with wit, this black and gold floor light is the perfect option when it comes to getting direct light and creating a stunning lighting effect in your modern home decor. Just like the icon of jazz Abbey Lincoln, this floor light will be your best companion on reading days.

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