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Entryway With Glamorous Lighting

Glamorous and luxurious lighting in this entryway

Entryway with a glamorous and luxurious style completed with the design lighting pieces!


Covet Lighting continues inspiring designers and interior designers with glamorous design lighting choices. With exclusively curated and handpicked furniturelighting and accessories. An immersive experience into a world where design meets luxurious pieces and incorporates them into modern designModern, sleek but also a bit exuberant, this entryway is the perfect example of glamorous and luxurious design.

Elegantcomfortable design and timeless spaces that delight and inspire are their focus. The classical architecture along with contemporary lighting can be seen in all their designs and it is one of the reasons why they stand out. This entryway is perfect because has the perfect lighting from Covet Lighting.

The first lighting piece we can see in this entryway is our beautiful Empire Chandelier. The Empire Chandelier is inspired by the stunning architecture of The Empire State Building. It’s a masterpiece with an extravagant shape, capable of transforming every space into a stunning scenario. Due to its vigorous personality, it creates an exclusive atmosphere in this entryway. 

The floor lamp presented in this entryway is the Hanna Floor Lamp by Delightfull. Hanna Floor Lamp will suit perfectly in your mid-century modern living room or vintage retro design entryway. With a structure made of polished marble estremoz and with multiple lampshades made of brass and aluminum, this floor light is a pure mid-century modern lamp full of grace and charm. Its flexible lamp shades allow you to spread the light anywhere you want it to be. Bathed in gold plated and matte white finishes, Hanna showcases high-quality craftsmanship, since it was applied an ancient technique called hand metal spinning. On the whole, this brass floor lamp reports to a classical ambiance, back to art deco, evoking a powerful mid-century modern design.

We can also add a wall lamp to this stunning entryway and we suggest the Waterfall Torch Wall Lamp. Waterfall Torch Wall Lamp has combined the best of contemporary and modern design, made with the best brass, crystal glass, and the ability of the craftsman, it’s perfectly fitting on your entryway project.

Last but not least, we suggest the stunning Tycho Table Lamp for this entryway. This Tycho Table Lamp, made in brass and crystal glass, was designed to fit perfectly any modern ambiance, conveying a touch of timeless harmony. The ribbed crystal in this collection, evoking the reflection pattern on the water of the Tycho Planetarium, gave place to another elegantly cosmopolitan piece of lighting.

This combination of lighting pieces and designs make this the perfect entryway!



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