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Entryway Design: Luxury Entryway Full Of Glamour

An Entryway With A Luxurious Lighting Selection

Covet Lighting selection of lighting that is both luxurious and timeless for your entryway.

Luxurious entryway space has all of the right potentials to become an incredible statement place in your home decor if you add the right lighting fixtures and trendy furniture pieces to go with it. Hasan Aslan designed this amazing entryway with some of the most luxurious lighting pieces from Covet Lighting. Who could tell a unique entryway could add such a luxury design feel to the rest of your home, don’t you think?

Inspired in one of the most iconic buildings in the world, our Empire collection is considered one of the crown jewels of Covet Lighting. Just as the Empire State Building the pieces that make up this family breathe modernity and promise to dazzle any luxury interiors scenario. This collection consists of chandeliers, side tables, center of table, mirror, among others! Today we selected the iconic lighting pieces from this collection to this entryway! 

The first lighting piece we can see in this entryway is our Empire Suspension Lamp. The Empire Suspension Lamp gets its inspiration from the Empire family’s first creation, the Empire chandelier. This exclusive fixture is made with one elegant layer of brass and crystal glass that will fit perfectly in any space.

Another lighting piece that looks perfect in this entryway is the Empire Wall Lamp. Empire Wall Lamp gets its inspiration from The Empire State Building and that’s why this creation is so powerful and capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario.

Following the Empire lighting collection in this entryway, the Empire Floor Lamp is a statement floor lamp that will light up every room with its exuberant shape. Inspired by our Empire family, the Empire floor is made of crystal glass and complemented by a gold-plated brass vigorous standing.

Last but not least, in alternative to the Empire Suspension Lamp, we suggest our stunning Empire Square Chandelier for this luxurious entryway. An extravagant and modern chandelier with a twist, granted by the vintage-looking crystals. Inspired by the stunning architecture of the Empire State Building all the details contribute to a piece filled with personality and a vigorous splendor. Made of gold-plated brass, the Empire Square Chandelier becomes a unique object of desire.

This lighting selection from the Empire collection will make the perfect entryway!



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