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Dining Room With Luxurious Lighting And a Christmassy Energy

The perfect lighting for your Christmas dining

 Covet Lighting has the perfect dining room with luxurious lighting to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! 

Dining Room with outstanding lighting, curated by Covet Lighting, perfect to spend your Christmas time with your family! For this luxurious dining room specifically, Covet Lighting wanted to create a very welcoming atmosphere that breathed peace, love and joy in this time of the year.

Lighting is very important when you seat around the table with your family and friends while enjoying a delicious typical Christmas meal. Our Babel Snooker Suspension Lamp looks great in this dark dining room. Babel Snooker Suspension Lamp is shaped into a luxury lighting suspension and presented in every handmade crystal glass. The rectangular gold plated brass levels conceive an exclusive pattern of lighting refraction and create fantastical shades on their surroundings. Designed to brighten a contemporary space with the most elegant presence.

A fireplace at this time of the year brings the coziest ambiance to your Christmas dining room. To complete it, the Tycho Small Wall Lamp creates a cosmopolitan luxury environment that conveys intimate lighting as its building inspiration and its reflection on the water. Brass with gold plated and crystal glass, an ideal combination to be used with more than one piece.

Another suggestion to light up this dining room is the Draycott Floor Lamp. Draycott Floor Lamp takes a different posture to alter into an elegant standing gold plated brass item with subtle lines, complemented by delicate crystals tubes like the original inspiration. Sober and exquisite, transmitting elegance and purity to every space, this floor lighting was designed to bring the most luxurious pleasure to any contemporary ambiance.

Last but not least, the Wax Wall Lamp conveys an old-classic luxury feel, with a contemporary approach. This classic wall fixture is fully made of gold-plated brass and still gives a modern touch to any environment. Composed of several fine tubes of handmade crystal glass that flow uniquely and with a particular shape, this piece is a graceful and elegant design. It would look perfect in this dining room!

Get inspired with Covet Lighting to decorate your Christmas dinning room!



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