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Dining Room With Chic And Luxurious Lighting

The best lighting combination for your chic dining room

The story behind every luxurious dining room always ends up in the choice of the right lighting pieces 

The most curated dining room design, with a selection of lighting from Covet Lighting. Instead of everything being perfectly matched and within the same style, a curated look appears more authentic in the sense that everything looks less intentional as if it has been collected over the years, from different places and ages, embodying your taste, preferences, and personal style. Isn’t it fun? There is no exact science to achieve the most curated dining room look.

A striking visual composition that finds its balance through the harshness of the textures and the subtlety of the warm tones, where every detail makes the design. Here’s an ode to a dark-hued, chic dining room.

From the suspension to the wall lighting, this interior design is a good lesson on how to create a purposeful interior. Feels like home, indeed. Take a look and see how even a curated dining room can make you feel at home with the right lighting.

Starting with the suspension category, Horus II Suspension Lamp, of Brabbu, promises to be a reference in every modern interior design. Featuring a structure in matte black lacquered brass and shades in crackle glass, this chandelier is perfect for creating a grand reveal in a fierce dining room.

In this ambiance, you can also look at the Pharo II Wall Lamp, inspired by Pharos. Pharos was an island where the most famous and grand lighthouse stood in ancient Alexandria. Nowadays, lighthouses take on simpler forms, just like this wall lamp. You may also like Pharo Wall Lamp, another model of the same wall lamp. Made of gold plated brass and crystal glass, both represent a beacon of light to rupture the darkness.

From the same collection, the Pharo Floor Lamp is also inspired by the Pharos Lighthouse. Designed in a simple and robust style and made of brass and crystal, this piece takes both the architecture and the symbolism of lighthouses into account and is able to light up any dining room as a beacon. Covet Lighting is, for sure, the place where you have everything you need to light up your projects.

This combination of lighting pieces makes this the perfect dining room!




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