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Having Dinner With A Wonderful View In The Comfort Of Your House

Dining Room with a stunning view by none other than the wondrous Jasmine Lam, who has the talent to evoke strong emotions with her designs!

With 24 years of work with a wide range of projects that go from high-end residences to offices for entertainment industry clients, financial/private banking clients as well as global retail store planning, Jasmine Lam has an interior design firm that aims to achieve absolute seamless designs.

And it’s no wonder she has so much success, her ability to produce the concept design for her beloved clients together with her love for education, children’s rights, sustainable design, and environmental philanthropies, makes her entire experiences come together to create the ultimate design.

This astonishing dining room decor is the perfect example of that, using dark colors with golden accents to give a nice and bold contrast alongside the magnificent New York City view! We are so in love with this design that we decided to show you how you could possibly replicate this look with some of our favorite pieces such as the Hanna Chandelier. Hanna Chandelier is a breathtaking lighting design that is made in brass and aluminum with gold plated and white matte shades.

Ella Suspension Lamp is a unique ceiling fixture that brings back the clean and sophisticated feel of the mid-century modern era lived in the 1960’s Palm Springs. With a body 100% handmade in brass and its lampshades made of aluminum.

Ike Suspension Lamp has a distinctive but easily recognizable design, ideal for every single mid-century modern interior. With its clean lines, this dazzling lamp is handmade in brass and aluminum and features a glossy black and gold plated finish, representing high-quality craftsmanship.

Welcome to Covet Lighting, the place where you have everything you need to light up your projects.


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