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Open-Plan Kitchen In Monaco featuring Etta Pendant Lamp

A fully equipped kitchen with built-in appliances

Amazing Open-plan Kitchen with our Etta Pendant Lamp is a functional space with a modern twist.

Open-Plan Kitchen in Monaco, is the new contemporary modern design that Covet House has to bring you. This 295 m2, 8 room penthouse evokes a contemporary modern design through its functional, clean and captivating aesthetic. In each room, you will find a warm cohesive environment with a curated selection of furniture, lighting, and accessories dedicated to the highest levels of detail. Every piece complementing each other without overpowering, ultimately rendering a soothing and remarkable experience.

The penthouse features two elegant private areas – a sophisticated master bedroom, which includes a living area, and a magical kids’ quarter, which includes a bedroom, a play and study area, and a bathroom. Moreover, the social areas include an open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area, as well as a home office and a powder room. The Dining Room is based on Neutral colors with modern design, the amazing Open-plan Kitchen is a functional space with a modern twist.

Sharing the same area with the dining room, a fully equipped open-plan kitchen with built-in appliances, and a design that seamlessly becomes one with the other rooms. The use of the marbles provides a cleanness to the eye and exudes an elegant and modern appeal, suiting for a family or friends get together, especially with the marble countertop, the perfect place to start your dinner party. A true feast for the eyesGet the look of this Open-Plan Kitchen.

Etta’s standard copper plated finish helps to provide a soft and warm light, that is cast through its layers, giving a romantic ambience to any setting. Etta Pendant Lamp boasts a nostalgic and feminine retro glow, courtesy of the jazz singer Etta Jones, which was the inspiration for this curvy lighting fixture. Etta is a luxurious pendant light with 20 different brass leaves, which are all shaped and assembled by hand by DelightFULL’s skilled artisans.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that this mid-century suspended light can be customized according to your needs and requests. It is the ideal copper pendant lamp for a sophisticated Open-Plan Kitchen design like this one.

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