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Luxurious Girl’s Room Design

A magnificent project featuring Covet Lighting Pieces

Luxurious Girl’s Room Design

Little Rising Star Bedroom – A magnificent project featuring Covet Lighting Pieces


Luxurious Girl’s Room Design that is part of a luxury contemporary condo that is truly a gift from the heavens. The city of angels is now the set of this wonderful project,.
In partnership with Ivan Satria, co-founder and lead artist from Kintsugi VisualCovet House presents a high-end contemporary condo, worthy of the top A-listers from Hollywood.

As an homage to the American dream, this apartment consists of 9 spacious rooms, including wide-open areas, wooden panels, marble flooring and walls, with golden details reminiscent of those coveted golden statuettes given at awards season. Straight lines characterize the evident contemporary aesthetic, both in the architecture and the furniture pieces. Window walls also provide a 180 degrees view of the city of stars, a mesmerizing landscape over the Los Angeles skyline.

This luxury condo features a special lighting for a little rising star featuring Covet Lighting. This area excels by delivering a sophisticated room while being a fun, exciting, and playful area as well. Not compromising in the child-like details, by keeping the room cohesive in its amazing contemporary feel.

The circular gold plated brass levels of the Babel Suspension Lamp brings elegance to any luxurious ambiance. The exclusive uneven shape of each crystal glass made by the craftsman’s exceptional know-how creates a unique pattern of lighting refraction. An impressive object of desire.


Luxurious Girl's Room Design | Little Rising Star Bedroom

Carter Pendant Lamp is the singular piece that your modern home decor was missing. Designed with the great discoveries of space in mind, its unique shape is recognizable anywhere and its attention to detail is one of a kind making this the perfect bespoke design. Handmade in polished brass and matte white, the soft casting light has all the perfect details to transform any project and create the perfect mood, casting light whenever you need it.

Luxury and excellence came together in order to create this wonderful and Luxurious Girl’s Room, with the most exquisite Design by Ivan Satria from Kintsugi Visual.



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