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Adorable Playroom Design for Kids with the Cutest Lighting Pieces

Amazing playroom featuring Hanna Pendant Lamp

This Adorable Playroom Design features some of CIRCU‘s most versatile pieces, and all together it matches their shapes and colours in order to create the most magical space for a little kid.


As the centre of this playroom, we have an adorable lighting piece. Hanna Pendant Lamp is a vintage lamp that features a glossy black shade outlined by a copper finish, giving it a lovely contrast. Elegantly made in brass by artisans who applied delicately an ancient technique called hand metal spinning, if you style this suspension lamp alongside a mid-century decor it will provide your room a striking, elegant look. Hanna pendant lighting brings together a visually appealing aluminum bell lamp shade and a customizable versatility by way of finishes. This one light pendant provides abundant light, while adding style. The sleek lines with hints of contemporary flare depict sophistication and grace, making this copper pendant lamp great as a bedroom pendant lighting or as bed reading light.


Another that we suggest that will look amazing is Niku Pendant Lamp.  This Pendant Lamp is a rarity in contemporary lighting.


All together these magical pieces form the most amazing and Adorable Playroom Design, with fun shapes and colours and a sense of comfort for the most luxurious interior.





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