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Office Luxurious Style In Dark And Glamorous Tones

Office Design: A Unique inspiration ready to give you the details that you need

Office designs full of glamour, high-end luxury pieces that are filled with endless decorating ideas.

This secluded villa is the first of a series of luxury houses created by Covet House with the purpose of inspiring professionals and design lovers to new heights in this new era. The 8.5 million, 500 m2 mansion in Russia presents elegant bespoke interiors with a modern classic touch, and a perfect balance between statement handcrafted pieces and more neutral, functional elements. We bring you this incredible project featuring unique bespoke lighting designs.

A more sophisticated and leaner look, the use of neutral colors and more strict lines in the decoration, the variety of materials and finishes (especially the use of black) on this office project, transpires luxury, professionalism, and most of all a modern-style décor.

Gamma Table Lamp is a new take on adjustable table lamps. Thanks to its rotating arm, its light can be directed and is the ideal choice for a desk or nightstand. A modern creation featuring a marble base, and crystal glass, and gold-plated brass body.

To complement this office, meet Empire Suspension Lamp. The Empire Suspension Lamp gets its inspiration from the Empire family’s first creation, the Empire chandelier. This exclusive fixture is made with one elegant layer of brass and crystal glass that will fit perfectly in any space.

An office is that sacred space in the house where ideas flow easily and work gets done. So be inspired by our Exclusive Office!



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