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Entryway Design: Wall Lamps You’ll Love To Have In Yours

Glamorous and luxurious lighting in this entryway

Covet Lighting selection of wall lamps that are both trendy and timeless for your entryway.

Lighting is one of the most important elements when we talk about interior design – it changes the atmospheric mood of a room, creates a powerful sense of identity, and transforms your interiors into a seamless combination of functionality and style. Covet Lighting is here to answer all your questions lighting-wise and, today, we have a selection of wall lamps that are both trendy and timeless for your entryway!

The first wall lamp we can see in this entryway is our beautiful Coltrane II Wall Lamp. Coltrane II Wall Lamp is inspired by the famous John Coltrane and it is the perfect piece to create a beautiful lighting effect both indoors and outdoors. Handmade in steel by Delightfull’s skilled artisans, it is a great example of how less is more. This wall lamp fixture has matte black and gold powder paint finishes, which give it a more contemporary style. It is prepared to be used in more humid atmospheres, making it the perfect outdoor sconce. You can pair up to two iron tubes, which will help to create a statement in your modern home decor. Additionally, it can be used in more minimalist hotel rooms. 

Another wall lamp perfect for an entryway is the Brubeck Wall Lamp. by Delightfull. Luxury and art deco are synonyms with this Brubeck Wall Lamp sconce lighting design. Inspired by the timeless musical instrument that is the pipe organ and one of the foremost exponents of jazz, Dave Brubeck, this luxurious wall lamp is a statement piece on its own. For a finishing touch, it boasts a very art deco gold-plated finish. These modern wall lamps light up your home, making it the perfect candidate for a maximalist dining room, or even an entryway decor project. 

The Empire Wall Lamp is another great suggestion for an entryway. Empire Wall Lamp gets its inspiration from The Empire State Building and that’s why this creation is so powerful and capable to transform every entryway in a stunning scenario.

Last but not least, we suggest the stunning Cay Wall Lamp. Nature in its rawest form flows through Cay Wall Lamp as lava flows during a volcano eruption. With a structure in matte casted brass, this brass sconce was designed to embody Nature’s ultimate scream. Place it in an entryway set and it will fill it with a dazzling golden light.

This selection of wall lamps will make the perfect entryway!



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